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Sustainability Highlights 2020

How are we shaping and shipping a sustainable future by Lee Sissons

Towards a more sustainable supply chain by James Savagar

Putting sustainability front and center of the supply chain agenda by Mads Stensen

Presentation by Dr Sreepadaraj Karanam

Achieving Net Zero

Sustainability Across Industry Sectors

Committed to Sustainability by Dr Sreepadaraj Karanam

Decarbonising Logistics Full Event Recording (Part 1)

Decarbonising Logistics Full Event Recording (Part 2)

Decarbonising Logistics Full Event Recording (Part 3 – End)


In an unprecedented year of pandemic, sustainability remained at the top of the agenda of A.P. Moller – Maersk and core to our values. We are intensifying efforts on decarbonisation while integrating sustainability even further into business strategy.

The Decarbonising Logistics virtual cast will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs and logistics practitioners to assess what businesses in particular can do to reassess and elevate their ambition on sustainability.


Why Attend

  • Hear from those at the forefront of the global sustainability effort and discover new opportunities for cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration.
  • Shape the evolving dialogue on sustainability and share ideas with decision-makers and innovators.
  • Foster a culture that embraces a sustainability mindset which becomes embedded within the fibre of your business, starting with and championed by senior management. Commit to a future of carbon-neutral transportation and invest in a supply chain infrastructure that puts sustainability right at its core.
  • Learn how we can scale up action to cut carbon emissions and reach net zero targets. What does investing for net zero look like in practice and how can it be encouraged?
  • Explore how businesses can seize opportunities for collaborative advantage and work together to create new standards. How can executives lead their organisations towards a more sustainable and profitable future?
  • Take a detailed look at the retail, fashion industry and its environmental credentials: what progress has been made? How can consumers be encouraged to become active participants? Understand the importance of closing the loop on product cycle – starting in product design, responsible sourcing and ending with reuse in order to drive waste down.

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders, executives, logistics and supply chain entrepreneurs and
    practitioners – all industries
  • Senior sustainability and CSR professionals – all industries
  • Charities and organisations with an interest in sustainability issues
  • Sustainability academics e.g. researchers and professors

What To Expect

500+ participants
Supply chain professionals from the most dynamic global organisations.

C-Level speakers
Learn how strategic sustainability decisions are made and what are the main priorities for some of the biggest brands in the region.

Real case studies
Real case studies from the supply chain leaders who have clear data from dealing with the current operational challenges.


Towards a more sustainable supply chain

The future of fuels

Achieving net zero

Responsible sourcing

Scale up innovation

Insights Hub

APMM Sustainability Report 2020

Fashionably Sustainable
Decarbonising Logistics Report

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